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Kuz'mina Mariya Gennad'evna, Senior lecturer, sub-department of economics, finance and management,
Penza State University (Penza, 40 Krasnaya str.),
Budina Valentina Ivanovna, Candidate of economic sciences, professor, head of sub-department of economics, finance and management, Penza State University (Penza, 40 Krasnaya str.),
Luzgina Ol'ga Anatol'evna, Doctor of economic sciences, professor, sub-department of economics,
finance and management, Penza State University (Penza, 40 Krasnaya str.),

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The article offers a system-target paradigm of industrial enterprise management, with objective function being the continuity of the industrial enterprise activity, and using the business-model of A. Ostervalider – I. Pinie as a system frame. The offered paradigm combines the different theoretical approaches to management: neo-system, stakeholder, process, risk-management, chaos theory and organization safety approaches. The authors present a scheme of inclusion of business-model blocks into the system-target paradigm, build an economic and mathematical model of management of enterprise continuous activity. The article describes a methodological approach, particularity of which consists in the use of weak signals for enterprise activity pro-active management targets, characterizing the condition of business- processes by the offered factors-indicators, arranged by business-model blocks. The methodology includes a new factor – an index of production pessimism for total estimation of threats of enterprise activity interruption, which allows to reveal the most vulnerable business-processes, and can be used as rejection limits. The systemtarget paradigm and the methodological approach can be used when making proactive management decisions on exclusion of interruptions in industrial enterprise activity.

Key words

paradigm of management, business-model of the industrial enterprise, factors-indicators, continuity of activity.

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